About eBTT

We’re a social platform and community built on the philosophy of sharing the good things in life and helping each other earn cryptocurrency while we do it. Using recognised coins like Bitcoin, Doge, TRON and Binance Coin, we’ve developed trading and investing methods that enable everyone within our community to benefit financially both now and in the long term future.

With 8 types of income, this cryptocurrency platform provides you with the tools to change your financial future.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a successful community that makes it easy to earn cryptocurrency, build a passive income and create incredible wealth.

The Business Plan

Our business plan and rewards program is lucrative, realistic and fair. With 8 ways to earn and uncapped income potential, eBTT is your key to financial freedom.

Community Support

All members will receive ongoing support, empowering them to make the most of the programme and teaching others how to earn cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and
It’s Future

It goes without saying that cryptocurrency is the future – and it’s going to stick around for the long run. Bitcoin is the perfect example of this; being the largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market cap of $1.59T as of January 2022. Whether you’re investing on the side or investing as a means of primary income, this powerful financial technology is shaping the way we think about the concepts of money today

Investment Control

You’re in control of your investment and can withdraw your earnings at any time. Many programs offer weekly, monthly or quarterly withdrawal – we do them daily!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a selection of initial membership levels. The greater your investment, the more you will earn daily.

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